Dctc – ChangeLog

* 2004/01/24:

  • Version 0.85.9
  • done‘ log file contains upload log.
  • fix the incorrect information sent to the UI when uploading a file bigger than 2GB (only the display is buggy, the transfer works).
  • update .spec file to support fedora (based on Sammy Atmadja modification).

* 2004/01/04:

  • Version 0.85.8
  • fix incorrect handling of „/IP interface“ in both DCTC and dctc_master.
  • .userinfo file updated to contains all connected users
  • new flag added: disp_user. If set to 1 (default), incoming/outgoing users generate USER+/USER- message else nothing is displayed.
  • add .mkv as known file extension (video).

* 2003/12/21:

  • Version 0.85.7
  • /IP command accepts IP (like before) and also interface name (eth0, ppp0, …) This can be useful if you have several outgoing interfaces and want to bind
    DCTC to an interface which is not the default route. The command may also be used without parameter to reset DCTC to default interface. (WARNING: only the
    transfers are affected by the IP, not the hub connection. Some hubs does not like having a different IP for transfer and for hub connection).
  • some annoying error messages are gone (moved into the debug code).
  • minor modification of the „done“ file. Each entry contains a timestamp.
  • dummy_client status is set to „unconnected“ instead of reporting a „connected“ status without any valid hub.
  • fix a bug in keyboard command processing which sometimes may use the wrong socket.
  • Note: I hope these 2 previous fixes will corrent the download problem appearing with some users.
  • fix –disable-glib2 problem in the configure file. glib version >= 2.0 is required now.
  • add missing thread attribute destruction.
  • add missing -m switch to the help.
  • hublist handles XML bzipped2 list. (see http://www.hublist.org/PublicHubList.xml.bz2).
  • fix compilation problem when crypto library is libgcrypt and openssl is not installed.

* 2003/10/26:

  • Version 0.85.6
  • hublist and DCTC now support proxy requiring authentification.
  • Some commands and variables were removed: /LINK, /NOLINK, /DLFORCE, /NODLFORCE /HIDE_ABS, /SHOW_ABS.
  • dctc_link is now always enabled.
  • Download force is removed.
  • Absolute paths are now shown in the share list, they are modified in relative path (like /SHOW_ABS does).
  • improve decoding of buggy user info message ($MyINFO).
  • fix incorrect counting of upload slots if share list upload is always allowed.
  • fix incorrect command sequence occuring if a GDL or an auto-scan starts during the hub connection establishment. Some hubs ignore the command, others complain and close the connection.

* 2003/08/24:

  • Version 0.85.5
  • when a dctc_master is created, gdl met params are inherited from the client creating it.
  • support both libgcrypt (>=1.1.12) and openSSL as cryptography library.
  • fix libtool compilation problem.
  • add support of 64bits file API. This provides support of files bigger than 2GBytes.
  • Avoid auto-scan of simultaneously created/attached GDL to be started simultaneously. Previously, if you have no delay between search set, all GDLs start their auto-scan at the same time which can create a big network load and if you have a delay set, only the first GDL is able to run the auto-scan, other queries are ignored.
  • add flag to allow download of the sharelist even if no upload slot is available (sharelist_dl). If ==0, the upload is denied as usual. If not 0, the user can download the sharelist (a la DC++). Based on A.J. patch.
  • add 2 flags: fake_dcpp_client and fake_dcpp_version. When the first flag is 0, DCTC works in normal mode. If the flag is not 0, the 2nd flag must be set to a string containing the DC++ version to display (for example: 0.261 ).
  • fix incorrect computation of the number of clients connected to a hub (useful if you use the description tag). The update of the number of hubs is also performed without delay.

* 2003/07/12:

  • Version 0.85.4
  • add .ogm as known file extension (video).
  • new core to have a single process handling all transfers. Note: before starting a process using this version, you must stop all process running an earlier version. See Documentation/core_0.85.4 for a technical description of the change.
  • fix incorrect handling of last corrupted segment of a file if it follows a corrupted segment.
  • NOTE: GUI working with earlier version of DCTC still will work but will not be able to use the new feature
  • .met parameters are returned by /VAR command.
  • Handle correctly share list of users having a slash in their nickname.
  • Don’t allow a delay of 0 minutes with /GDLMETPOLL. 10 minutes is automatically used in such case.

* 2003/06/01:

  • Version 0.85.3
  • fix the unfairness of upload/download speed limit. In previous version, most of the time, a transfer obtains nearly all the bandwidth available.
  • client can establish connection through web proxy.
  • new flag added: -C. This flag is used to provide the address and port of the web proxy to use.
  • fix a bug crashing the client if it uses glib2.x (glib1.2 version is not affected).
  • fix GDL type detection problem preventing attachment of broken GDL.
  • .sub added to file type „doc“ (most of the time, these files contains subtitles).
  • remove numerous old debug messages.
  • 2 new commands added: /GDLMETDIR and /GDLMETPOLL. Using them, DCTC can use some informations obtained by the e-donkey emule client (partial CRC in .met files).

* 2003/05/04:

  • Version 0.85.2
  • .iso, .bin, .cue and .img added to the file type „exe“.
  • fix a bug occuring when a broken GDL with L0CRC is available.
  • fix a bug occuring when attaching a broken GDL with L0CRC (L0CRC was lost).
  • new flag added: -m . If this option is set, DCTC will automatically append a dc++ like tag to your description.
  • fix a configuration problem when detecting MD* functions.
  • fix a hanging problem occuring when an UI disconnects when DCTC sends lot of messages to it.
  • UADDR handles smarter incoming IP without known name. It prevents duplicated IP with IP with known name. To increase efficiency, it also tries a set of well known ports accepting DC connection.

* 2003/03/30:

  • Version 0.85.1
  • the old md5 support was removed (option: -5).
  • hublist handles an environment variable named „HUBLIST“. In this variable, you can put all the hublist URL you want to use, use [tab] as separator. If the variable is not defined, the default direct connect hublist is used.
  • hublist supports bzip2 list.
  • fix typo in dctc man pages. Add man page for hublist.
  • timeout added to hublist to prevent long wait when a hublist server does not respond.
  • new program added: dctc_gdl123. This program takes 2 corrupted GDLs of the same files and rebuild a partial GDL containing only identical parts of the 2 corrupted GDLs.

* 2003/03/09:

  • Version 0.85.0
  • periodically send something to the hub is no network activity exists. This is required else the hub will close the connection.
  • new command added: /GDLCRC, /GDLNOCRC. Using them, you can set a CRC on a GDL. DCTC computes CRC in the same manner has e-donkey 2000 does thus you can use its CRC (a 32 characters string composed of 0,1,…9,A,…,F values). The CRC allows detection of corrupted file but it does not provide corrupted data recovery. (see Documentation/DCextension/ed2k_crc file).
  • minor change in the GLSTC format. To keep compatibility with gtk 1.2 version, no field is added. If a GDL CRC exists, it is appended to the script to start field, you will see a “ &CRC:“ field inside it.
  • new flag added: -Z. When used, the given parameter is a directory that will be used instead of the default $(HOME)/.dctc directory. Patch by Henrique do N. Angelo (phpDC project).
  • fix g_string_sprintf[a] compilation problem with glib2.
  • flag -m is removed. DCTC now always works in extended mode.
  • Add support of DC protocol extension commands: MD4Get0 and MD4Set. When connected to a compatible hub, you can send or retrieve partial CRC allowing detection of corruption of part of files. (see Documentation/DCextension/ed2k_crc file).

WARNING: the CRC computation has 2 effects:

  1. If someone asks your client a CRC of a file you have not yet computed, DCTC will freeze during the computation (problem will be solved in future release). The computation of the CRC of 450MB file tooks approximately 15 seconds on my XP1700+. Note: only the main thread will be busy, download/upload won’t be stopped.
  2. the speed of CRC computation and of the splitting of the faulty file is done at full speed thus you will have a lot of disk I/O. If you burn a CD on a non burn-proof CD writer, the burning process will probably be interrupted. On my test computer (athlon XP1700+, 768MB RAM, UDMA100 7200rpm disk), when reparing a 450MB file, I have encountered a freeze of 0.5 second due to the high I/O load.
  • ‚*.mid‘ files are known recognized as audio file.

* 2003/01/26:

  • Version 0.84.1
  • Malformed $MyINFO string is handled more gracefully. DCTC will try to decode it to extract valid user information.
  • Fix compatibility problem with glib2 (g_strsplit works a bit differently).
  • Always reply to transfer request even if no slot is available. This avoid to be kicked by hub script (Thanks to Tobias).
  • new RPM spec file compatible with more distributions by Mark Schreiber
  • the lack of MSG_NOSIGNAL is automatically handled.
  • add manual page for dctc_cmd
  • Fix some functions to work fine on SPARC platforms (tested on AURORA 1.0) (Thanks to Yves BLUSSEAU).

* 2003/01/12:

  • Version 0.84.0
  • SIGCHLD is now ignored to prevent zombi creation (at end of script for example).
  • fix a bug in GDL renaming function. If the „move into done/ directory“ was set, the done/ directory does not exist and a new filename like „./filename“ is used, the downloaded file is not move into the done/ directory and keeps its old name.
  • new command added: /KICK. This command allows user kicking.

* 2002/12/08:

  • Version 0.83.9
  • obtaining the default IP requires 1 process less than before.
  • default IP obtention now supports both previous method (5 process) and BSD method (2 process). Based on BSD port patches sent by Thomas Klausner.
  • new flag added: min_delay_between_search. This flag allows limitation of the number of search queries by setting a minimum duration between 2 searchs. If
    a query comes too close to the previous one, it is silently discarded. Default flag value is 0 (no delay).

* 2002/11/11:

  • Version 0.83.8
  • fix a compilation problem in userinfo.c due to a code which cannot be handled by all compiler (gcc3.x does, gcc2.x does not).
  • fix the compilation problem with Berkeley DB4. (open function of db4.0 has the same prototype as DB3 one but db4.1 does not).
  • handle more gracefully malformed MyINFO data.
  • fix an upload problem occuring when a user having the IGNORE_SLOT_LIMIT flag set and being in active mode tries to start a download. In such case, previously, the query is ignored.
  • new program added: dctc_cmd. This program sends a command to a running client. It can be used from script. It takes 2 parameters, the UDP socket of the DCTC
    to contact (files named $HOME/.dctc/running/*.udp) and the command to send (see Documentation/commands).
  • New flag for user: IGNORE_PUBMSG. When this flag is set, public messages from a user can be ignored. Even virtual user can be flagged.

* 2002/11/03:

  • Version 0.83.7
  • fix compilation problem with Berkeley DB 4 (open function has a different prototype).
  • man page updated.
  • new commands added: /GDLSCRIPT, /GDLNOSCRIPT. Using them, you can add a script or a program to start when a GDL is downloaded.
  • new file added for running client: $HOME/.dctc/running/dctc-XXX.userinfo This file contains the list of all users currently on the hub XXX with their description.
  • hublist updated to retrieve list of hubs from both neo-modus and dc++.

* 2002/10/20:

  • Version 0.83.6
  • fix a typo error in the LS_cache file of the documentation.
  • fix Berkeley DB detection problem for NetBSD. Patch by Thomas Klausner.
  • new command added: /GDLASPORTS. This command sets the range of ports to use for autoscan. Note: if the range is too small, not all autoscans will run.

* 2002/09/28:

  • Version 0.83.5
  • a special hub address is recognized „dummy_client“. When this name is used with the -g option, it is possible to start a client connected to no hub.
  • When the dynamic IP flag is set, the IP is updated each time the /RECON command is processed whatever the /RECON is successful or not (previous, only a successful /RECON update the IP).
  • When the dynamic IP flag is set, the IP is updated every minute.
  • to ease port, stdout G_LOCK is now named std_out G_LOCK.

* 2002/09/22:

  • Version 0.83.4
  • a (new) buggy clone seems to send string containing illegal character (‚\0‘). Because this character is also the C string end character, it truncates string and DCTC crashs because an impossible case occurs. This version avoids the problem.

* 2002/08/25:

  • Version 0.83.3
  • Dutch Translation of documentation files updated by Myckel Habets.
  • DCTC can now use either SOCKS v4 or SOCKS v5 (with or without authentification). Currently, usage of SOCKS proxy requires passive mode. 2 new flags added: -X to enable v5 (default is v4) and -K to provide a password for the SOCKS proxy (if required).
  • „fail to rename“ error fixed.
  • dctc.spec added. It is now possible to build a rpm source archive from the tarball with: rpm -ts dctc-x.xx.x.tar.gz

* 2002/07/28:

  • Version 0.83.2
  • Dutch Translation of all documentation files by Myckel Habets.
  • /VSHARE command can be used without parameter to remove the virtual share directory. The command usage is now in the documentation.
  • New command added: /MAXUDL. This command sets the maximum number of simultaneous downloads from a user.
  • /LS was modified. It returns user share list using a file (new message added: LSCCH) instead of sending it using pipe to client (FLST* are deprecated now). The share list is kept in a directory used as cache. Note: To reduce size of share list on disk, it can be dynamically compressed (if zlib is installed on your system).

* 2002/06/15:

  • Version 0.83.1
  • The patch designed to reduce the number of fragments seems to have some side effects and breaks most of GDL download. It is temporarily removed.

* 2002/06/09:

  • Version 0.83.0
  • Remove a debug message in the UNODE code.
  • To reduce the number of small fragments, when a GDL source starts and the previous fragment isn’t changing, DCTC simply append new data at this file. Patch by Christian Koenig.
  • This version supports to be compiled against the new glib2. Add the flag –enable-glib2 as configure option.
  • ForcejoinGDL.pl is gone and replaced by Tobias‘ new script: GDL joiner

* 2002/05/26:

  • Version 0.82.0
  • UNODE no more uses berkeley DB because it creates more problems than it solves
  • UNODE now uses TCP instead of UDP to reach other UNODE thus no packet will be lost, even under very heavy load.
  • bug fix in /GDLRENAME and /GDLNORENAME.
  • GLSTC message has been modified to include file renaming information.
  • TOS support added by Christian Koenig.
  • New command added: /TOS. This command permits changes of TOS on the fly.

* 2002/05/12:

  • Version 0.81.0
  • Dutch Translation of VAR and UNODE files by Myckel Habets.
  • New flag added: dynamic_ip. If this flag is set (using /DFLAG), before connecting a hub, the client recomputes its local IP. It is useful if you can have IP changes while client runs.
  • INSTALL file updated. ADSL/Cable users should read the changes, this may greatly help them.
  • new commands added: /GDLRENAME and /GLDNORENAME. These commands allow a GDL downloaded file to be renamed and/or move into another directory.
  • Fix a possible bug in /LS.

* 2002/05/05:

  • Version 0.80.5
  • A Perl script providing manual reconstruction of file from GDL fragments has been added, thanks to Tobias.
  • When a GDL ends, if it contains only 1 fragment, instead of copy it into its final destination, the client first tries to move it.
  • configure can now detect Berkeley DB installed with library following the debian naming convention.
  • Some code cleaning. Unused /DL code has been removed.
  • When a GDL ends and its directory is deleted, previous versions keep a file descriptor on this deleted directory.
  • Global status file now includes the number of uploads running on each client.

* 2002/04/21:

  • Version 0.80.0
  • Clients now share their upload slot all together, each client no more has its own. Note: the „enable uploads“ flag remains inside each client.
  • UADDR no more uses Berkeley DB because too many problem occurs, especially when a client crashs.
  • When creating Berkeley DB environment, previous versions use INIT_CDB instead of INIT_LOCK and sometimes (too many times in my opinion), this corrupt the
    database (uaddr_ready and uaddr_partial are most of the time affected).
  • After a remote user retrieved your share list, the connection is left opened during at most 15 minutes.
  • Dutch translation of the VSHARE documentation added by Myckel Habets.

* 2002/04/14:

  • Version 0.79.0
  • UADDR functions have been totally rewritten and now uses the Berkeley DB. NOTE: when you will switch to this version, the previous content of the UADDR base is not imported. DCTC will build a new one and during some minutes the direct download will not be able to start transfer.
  • the „hide absolute path“ flag is now enabled by default. There is too many problem when it is not.
  • /DL is now a wrapper to /GDL* functions
  • the global status file includes a new option telling which DCTC client is the master one (== the one updating UADDR list and managing the UNODE).
  • GLSTC message includes enough information to compute a more accurate transfer speed.
  • Fix a bug occuring when a partial file is attached to a GDL. If all segments that can be downloaded from this partial file have already been downloaded, earliest versions don’t stop to try to use this source.
  • New command added: /DFLAG. This command goal is to avoid creation of one command for each existing flag. List of flags compatible with this command is in Documentation/VAR (D column).
  • 2 new flags added: with_incoming_wake_up and with_sr_wake_up. The first one wakes up waiting GDL source when a user with the same nickname comes into the hub. The second flag does the same action when a search result matching the nickname reports free download slot.
  • 1 new flag added: min_gdl_wake_up_delay. It is the delay in seconds between automatic wake up of waiting tasks of a same user (events: look previous flags).
  • Thanks to Aubin Paul, DCTC now has a man page.
  • New command added: /VSHARE. Using this command you can add virtual share files (see Docs/Vshare).
  • New command line option added: -D. Same as /VSHARE.
  • Fix the bug preventing to share files not located in sub-directory.
  • New command added: /LOCATEUSER. This command displays all hubs where the given user is connected.

* 2002/04/07:

  • Version 0.78.0
  • configure is now able to guess Berkeley DB version and adapts itself to find a valid combination of include/library (v3.x and v4.x). The old detection method is still available using –enable-manual-db-detect flag. Usage of –with-db option is still required if the include and lib directories are installed in an unusual place.
  • 2 new commands added: /LAZYKC and /NOLAZYKC. These commands enable/disable lazy key check. Some buggy clients generate a transfer key which is nearly good. If lazy key check is enabled, the key is assumed to be ok but only if the client which wants to download is yours, not the remote one… who cares about users having a buggy client…
  • When a transfer of a GDL source ends and the client is not able to link it with another one, the client now wakes up all GDL source having the nickname as the ending one.
  • In $ConnectToMe handling function, the buggy „unable to contact“ error message no more displays junk characters.
  • This version biggest new feature is probably the UNODE. The goal of the unode is to share the UADDR base (the one used by direct download to be able to download without hub connection) and to relay search queries on more than one computer. Let’s assume you have 2 friends running DCTC and connected on hubs you never go. Using this feature, you are able to find files owned by users currently on hub where your friends are, you can even do search as if you were connected on this hub.
  • Add new flag in the user flag list: IGNORE_SLOT_LIMIT. When a user has this flag, it can always start a download, even if no download slot is available.
  • Fix a bug in the /SHARE command. If the given directory ends with a ‚/‘, this slash is discarded. Previous version keeps it and it creates entry with ‚//‘ in the shared file list and unfortunatelly, remote users cannot download files having this ‚//‘.
  • Fix a bug in download function when you have direct download enabled. If you download from someone having its address in the UADDR cache, if this user IP changes and he comes back on a hub where you are, earlier versions of DCTC still use the IP in UADDR until the UADDR entry expires (can take up to 12 hours). Most of the time, the bug does not appear because the user with its new IP has made some search queries and DCTC has seen him. With this new version, even if the user does nothing, DCTC will be able to find its new IP.
  • Fix a bug in search result string. The reply now includes the hub port.

* 2002/03/30:

  • Version 0.77.0
  • Spanish translation of INSTALL and README files by Iñigo López-Barranco Muñiz.
  • When the client was disconnected from the hub, the previous version forgets to load the previous client status before modifying it.
  • Error returned by Berkeley database is handled more gracefully.
  • 2 new commands added: /DBL and /GBL. /DBL is like /UBL but for download instead of upload and use bloc of 1KBytes instead of 512bytes one. /GBL allows a limitation of the number of 8KBytes blocs copied per second when a client gather all parts of GDLs.
  • Support of Berkeley Database 4.0 added.
  • The configure script now has the option –with-db to specify where the Berkeley Database include and lib directories are. If you have compiled the library yourself, you probably will have to use this option with something like /usr/local/BerkeleyDB.4.0 as parameter.
  •  -u flag takes now 3 parameters instead of 1.

* 2002/03/24:

  • Version 0.76.0
  • Dutch translation of the GDL and BerkeleyDB documentations added by Myckel Habets.
  • Fix a severe security bug in the function handling download. Due to a missing character in the C code, it is possible to download any file, shared or not as long as you know its name. Problem notified by Morra.
  • When the client was disconnected from the hub, the previous version resets the number of GDL of the global status file. The problem has been fixed.
  • new commands added: /HIDE_KICK, /SHOW_KICK. Enable/disable hub-security global chat kick message deletion. To limit pollution of global chat, I suggest you
    to discard these annoying messages.
  • An UI can now send DCTC commands in client udp socket used by DCTC link.
  • minor error message fixed in berkeley database initialization. DCTC should no more crash when database creation fails.

* 2002/03/17:

  • Version 0.75.0
  • The user informations are now sent to the server only if they differ from the previously sent ones. This will avoid to periodically receive the incoming message from buggy hub bots.
  • BerkeleyDB v3 library/includes is required.
  • remote users can now be „flagged“. The following flags are available: ignore private messages, ignore search queries, ignore search_replies.
  • new extra command support added: $ChgSSP. This command is a sub-command that can be used during a transfer. Command added by Yves Blusseau.

* 2002/03/10:

  • Version 0.74.0
  • The value given by /GDLASOFFAFT is now properly taken into account to limit autoscan. Previously, the /MAXRUNGDLSRC value was used instead.
  • when a private message is relayed to other running DCTC clients thru DCTC links, the hubname is included in the relayed message.
  • web proxy support added to hublist. Patch by Thomas Stewart.
  • To avoid wasting bandwidth, download queries received when no download slot is available are discarded without even starting a transfer handshake.
  • global status file now includes the number of GDLs and the number of users of each running client.
  • NOTE: BerkeleyDB library/includes will be needed by the next version.

* 2002/03/03:

  • Version 0.73.0
  • nickname bug fixed in „Null download connection“ message.
  • fix a bug in the Makefile.am. hublist is now properly linked with glib.
  • /SLOWGDLLST delay has been changed from 8 to 4 seconds.
  • New commands added: /HIDE_ABS, /SHOW_ABS. This will hide/show the first character (/) at the beginning of the directory you share.
  • Polish Translation of installation and readme files by Piotr ‚_PepeR_‘ Wojciechowski.
  • Before using .dctc or .dctc/running directories, DCTC now first check if it can access to them.
  • New commands added: /ABORTLEAVED, /NOABORTLEAVED. Cancel uploads of users having left the hub.
  • New command added: /MAXRUNGDLSRC. This command adjusts the limit of number of simultaneous running download source per GDL.
  • New command added: /GDLASOFFAFT. If the number of running sources of a GDL reachs the given number, autoscans of this GDL are disabled.

* 2002/02/24:

  • Version 0.72.0
  • file type has been updated.
  • new file added: $HOME/.dctc/gstatus. This file contains the status of all running DCTC client (online, offline).
  • new command added: /SLOWGDLLST. It is a limited version of /GDLLST taking the command into account only if it has not be entered in the last 8 seconds (useful to limit dialog between UI and DCTC).

* 2002/02/16:

  • Version 0.71.1
  • fix the segmentation fault problem occuring when a relayed private chat message is a multiline message and starts with newline(s).

* 2002/02/16:

  • Version 0.71.0
  • fix the bug occuring when a multiline string is pasted into the private chat. Previously, the destination user received it but the local user sees nothing.
  • Away status is now taken into account when creating a new client.
  • Indirect private chat is now supported. If dctc link is enabled, you can dialog with any user from any hub you are connected using any of the running DCTC. Using this feature, you can centralize all chats into one GUI or jump from one DCTC to another without interrupting chats.
  • new commands added: /DLFORCE, /NODLFORCE. Force your download to start with a remote client even if the remote client wants to download.
  • new command line option added to configure script. –enable-bug-workaround. On some old glibc, some bugs occurs when some functions are called from thread
    mainly if the CPU is not able to perform unaligned memory access. The problem has been noticed with a SPARC CPU running redhat 6.2 and during a semctl
    (GETVAL) call. Using this option installs a workaround these bugs.

* 2002/02/09:

  • Version 0.70.0
  • /LS is now able to use direct download.
  • GDL autoscan can now use dctc link.
  • when attaching a GDL to a running client, autoscans of the attached GDL now restarts.
  • search results no more display the client own files. Previously, the client displays your own files if they match the query.
  • minimal length of remote search query has been modified. It is now a 2 char pattern (previously, it was 4).
  • random number generator is now properly initialized.
  • when moving to another hub, being disconnected, …, the nickname is resetted to its original value, any digits appended to avoid nickname conflicts are discarded.
  • /LS command is now only started by client having either a console display or a local UI connected. This avoids the problem of having a client without display starting a /LS (created by another client) just because direct download is enabled and it has the remote user address.
  • In few cases, DCTC can now links GDL downloads (like normal download does). You won’t have to wait a long time for a free slot.
  • hublist and DCTC now support SOCKS proxy (version 4 only). New flags added in DCTC (-S, -P, -U). hublist accepts 2 or 3 parameters (socks proxy address, port and user ID (if necessary)). SOCKS support is in its early stage, sometimes, returned error messages may have no meaning.

* 2002/02/03:

  • Version 0.69.0
  • when /GDLEND is used, the killed GDL’s download directory is now properly destroyed.
  • Fix the „long try“ GDL problem. Sometimes, starting GDL transfer fails and remains in try mode for a long time (it wastes no CPU or bandwidth, it just waits the timeout to retry).
  • Dutch Translation of installation and readme files by Myckel Habets.
  • new flag added: –dctclink. Enable the capability to cooperate with other running DCTC client to perform some task like /SRCH, /DL and GDL download on all connected hubs at the same time.
  • new commands added: /LINK, /NOLINK. Enable/disable dctc link (see –dctclink)
  • Fix the GDL direct download bug. Previously, direct download is not used by GDL even if the option is enabled.

* 2002/01/27:

  • Version 0.68.0
  • New command added in client to client protocol: $GetFileLength.
  • In active mode, each GDL can now scan for new download source using one or more search patterns (autoscan).
  • New GDL commands added: /GDLAS+ (add autoscan pattern), /GDLAS- (remove auto scan pattern), /GDLDETACH (detach a GDL of the client).
  • fix a crash occuring when the local client wants to start a download and when simultaneously, the remote client connection ends before remote client direction has been received.
  • several memory allocation errors have been fixed.
  • bzip2 has been added to the list of compressed file type.
  • fix a crash occuring when the client creates a new transfer thread and pthread_create return EINTR. I am not sure the problem still occurs with glibc 2.2 but it exists with glibc 2.1. Previously, the client supposes the thread does not exist and frees its memory -> core dump. Now, the client supposes the thread exists. In the worst case, few memory is lost but it no more coredumps.
  • to reduce CPU load, GTS is now called only every 5 seconds. With the DDL support and without this limit, we can easily achieve a 100% CPU load, especially with a lot of running connections.

* 2002/01/20:

  • Version 0.67.0
  • DCTC now enables the „SERVER“ status if the client is up for more than 2 hours and shares more than 2GB (including offset).
  • Pong command is now supported.
  • –nomd5sum bug has been fixed (-5 flag is not affected).
  • new feature added: DDL (Direct download). Using this, it is possible start a download without being connected to a hub (remote user must be active, not passive) or even having one running dctc connected to a hub (using GTS, it is only possible to have xfers moving from one client to another but only if the destination client is connected). This feature affects both the normal download (/DL) and GDL download (/GDL).
  • new commands added: /DDL, /NODDL. Enable/disable download without hub.
  • On hub connection loss, DCTC sends new connection status to UI.
  • Fix the bug preventing user to enter a hub as registered user if DCTC has been launched from UI.
  • GLSTC message has been modified to include GDL start time and download bytes.

* 2002/01/13:

  • Version 0.66.0
  • In GDL, DCTC no more crashs on do_gdl_start when no download range can be allocated.
  • Fix the Glib-CRITICAL message occuring when no data are received during transfer handshake.
  • Fix the crash occuring when during transfer handshake, the connection is closed just when a $Lock is expected.
  • Some info messages are now debug messages.
  • minor communication code parts have been changed to reduce unwanted signal generation.
  • new flag added: –nomd5sum. The MD5sum is used for content search. If you run DCTC on a slow computer or share a lot of file (in number, not in size), MD5 computation can take a long time. Using this flag, you can disable it. Note: once disabled, it is not possible to reenable it without leaving the client.
  • when attaching a GDL to a client, the client now immediatly checks if the GDL is completed.

* 2002/01/06:

  • Version 0.65.0
  • Fix the bug preventing /GDLEND to work properly on a running and not finished GDL.
  • Fix a bug in the users information caching system.
  • Fix the bug crashing DCTC when creating semaphores on some OS (redhat 6.2 on
    sparc for example). – DCTC now handles nickname conflict properly.
  • a REFRESH_MSG is now sent when a task is removed from the running task list due to a timeout on start.
  • an error message is now displayed for each file not taken into account in the shared directories.
  • fix forever trying GDL tasks. In fact, only their status is trying but they don’t really try.
  • when a GDL ends, its temporary directory is now cleared and destroyed.
  • GDL now properly supports the when_done flag (move complete file into the done/ directory).
  • When a GDL ends successfully, the result is stored inside the .done file, as standard download does.
  • To avoid multiple client to download the same GDL file, a lock is now set in the GDL file temp directory.
  • To allow GDL resuming, inside a GDL file temp directory, a description of the running GDL is saved inside this directory.
  • To allow GDL resuming, new command added: /GDLATTACH. Use it followed by the name of the GDL you want to start. If it exists and is still not busy, it is load in the current client.
  • when trying to leave DCTC with /FORCEQUIT, running connections are now closed. Previously, uploading threads may remain alive and uploads.
  • GDL sources are only used if the user having the source nickname is on the hub (it is stupid to waste bandwidth sending requests which cannot success).
  • GDL download range now takes into account the remote file size of this connection. Previously, it is ok when a download is started but during the transfer, this information is not taken into account.
  • Fix a bug in initial download range allocation function occuring when there is no unused segment.
  • it is now possible to give an empty password to /PASSWD. Just use „/PASSWD „.
  • DCTC now handles hub redirection. It can either disconnect and come back later or follow the redirection.
  • 2 new commands added: /FOLLOW_FORCE and /UNFOLLOW_FORCE.
  • DCTC now supports OS without mmap.
  • A display bug forcing DCTC to pause forever has been fixed.
  • It is now possible to send multi-line message in the chat (/CHAT) and in private chat (/PRIV) using \r where new line must be inserted.

* 2001/12/30:

  • Version 0.64.0
  • To avoid unnecessary DC commands, Users information (/UINFO result) is now cached.
  • New output message type added: „PRGBR]“. This message appears to report progress of a task. Currently, initial shared file database building uses it.
  • client to client transfer function has been partially rewritten to be more efficient and accurate.
  • For future usage, in the client to client transfer, a new command has been added ($Capabilities) which describes which enhanced function the client support (see Documentation/DCextensions/p2p_cabilities for more information). The client remains compatible with DC.
  • previous version of DCTC doesn’t return anything when the searched pattern is at the end of the matching string. Bug is now fixed.
  • For user in active mode, in earlier version, an error can occur when creating communication port. If the search port fails to create, active search fails until the /PORT command is used. The problem has been fixed both when starting DCTC and when performing a /PORT.
  • search pattern handling works now in the same manner has DC does. Use $ to separate searched strings.
  • it is now possible to download one file from multiple source at the same time using a segmented download. This feature is in ALPHA VERSION. (see /GDL* and Documentation/GDL for more information)

* 2001/12/23:

  • Version 0.63.0
  • some remote users extra information are now guessed. DCTC can identify users running in passive mode. It can also still find host address/port of active mode users. This is the first step of the hubless download. Using these information it is technically possible to start download without being connected to a hub.
  • minor error fixed in $Capabilities function. Reply can be sent on the wrong socket.
  • new command added: /RECOND. Using it, you can change the hub reconnection delay when the client loses the hub connection.
  • new flag added: –precmd. The parameter of this flag is a / command. All the commands given using one or more this flag are performed before the hub connection. See Documentation/commands for more information.

* 2001/12/09:

  • Version 0.62.0
  • DCTC now uses automake/autoconf. Just compile with ./configure …
  • hub address (-g option) can now contain a port. Syntax: hubaddr[:hubport]. If no port is given, the default one is used.
  • Despite a bug fixed in the previous version, DCTC still crashs. Another bug has been found inside transfer initialization. When the transfer is initiated by the remote side, if during this initialization, the remote side closes its connection before sending a direction, previous DCTC versions crashed. The problem should be fixed now.
  • new option added: –mdc. Its default value is 0 (DC compatible command). If the value is set to 1 and a compatible hub is found (none still exists), DCTC uses an extended command set. Currently, only extra command is supported: $Capabilities (see Documentation/MDC for more information).
  • new message added: $ULST]. For each running upload, this message contains the upload status.
  • new command added: /RESHARE. Rebuild the database of shared files to take into acount added/removed files/directories.
  • new command added: /REUINFO. resent user information to the hub (mainly used internally).
  • The shared file database is now rebuilt every 15 minutes.

* 2001/12/02:

  • Version 0.61
  • The bug preventing some clients to perform download from a DCTC client. The problem seems to occur only with old glibc but not with recent one. A misplaced MSG_WAITALL on send system calls was the problem. Newest glibc doesn’t care about this unuseful flag but oldest seems to.
  • To work like DC, now, no more than 5 search results are sent to each search query.
  • Trying to fix the bug randomly crashing DCTC. It is quite hard because the problem occurs very randomly and everytime, the stack is trashed.
  • To improve bandwidth usage, when /ULIST is entered, if DCTC already has the user list, it doesn’t retrieve it one more time but use the one it has. To avoid any potential problem, the command /ULIST_FORCE has been added and force DCTC to retrieve user list from the hub, even if it still has it.
  • -s option has been rewritten. Shared directories are now added after the un*x socket has been created. Thus, UI should no more think the client has hanged because it doesn’t respond for a too long time.

* 2001/11/24:

  • Version 0.60
  • the client now can link downloads (file or file list) on the same connection. It no more releases the download connection and tries to establish a new one.
  • upload bandwidth limitation added. The bandwidth is set for all clients running on the same computer and having the same owner. This bandwidth is shared by them.
  • -u added to set up the default bandwidth limit.
  • /UBL added to dynamically change the bandwidth limit of running clients.
  • When changing the number of upload slots, the number of free upload slots is now properly adjusted.
  • minor bugs occuring when an upload tries to start and all upload slots are busy have been fixed. Previously, a 10 bytes string is sent to the client which though it is 10 bytes of the wanted data while it is the error message.
  • same problem as previous one fixed for the shared list download.

* 2001/11/06:

  • Version 0.59
  • Password protected nickname are now supported (see /PASSWD command and PASWD] message).
  • Fix a minor bug occuring sometimes when a UI reconnects a running client.
  • Sometimes, the last displayed (or sent to local socks) messages are lost. The problem should be fixed now.

* 2001/10/21:

  • Version 0.58
  • it is now possible, with compatible client (DCTC, …), to search file by content instead of filename.
  • After 5 minutes, the client automatically switches on the away flag. Side effect: this action also keeps the connection alive. Since v0.56, the download function has been optimized to reduce bandwidth usage but due to this optimization, the command connection can remain unused for a long time so the hub disconnect the client. Because the client has no more things to send, it does not establish a new connection to the hub.

* 2001/10/07:

  • Version 0.57
  • fix the compilation problem occuring on some linux distribution in db.c and also some warnings.
  • new flag added: -v. This flag allows you to override protocol version sent by DCTC to hubs. Thus, it is no more necessary to wait new release of DCTC to enter hubs only accepting latest DC client.
  • current DC protocol version has changed from 1,0009 to 1,0091.
  • fix the „crash all running clients“ bug. In fact, this bug doesn’t crash all clients. All clients are crashing when they attempt to lock the .dctc/gts.* file at the same time.
  • /HUBNAME crash fixed. The first previous changes of the v0.56 has created new bugs. For example, if the hub is slow to return its name and someone has already entered commands, some commands may crash because there is no valid
    result to return (ex: /HUBNAME).
  • SIGHUP is now catched. If the start shell ends (or crashs), dctc will stay alive. This change has been done because the xterm of Mandrake 8.1 seems to be buggy and crashs when „strange“ strings are displayed.

* 2001/09/30:

  • Version 0.56
  • the keyboard input now is available when the client is trying to establish a connection with the hub, even if the hub is very slow to reply.
  • the queued download list is now shared by all clients. Thus, transfer can move from one hub to another.
  • remote search query are now supported if the remote client is in active mode.
  • sometimes, the GUI hangs because it waits DCTC and DCTC hangs because it waits the GUI. The problem comes from socket capacity. When both programs want to write but nobody reads, the sockets become full and both program wait. The problem is not solved but it should be no more occur … at least until very big hub (approximately more than 800 users) exists.
  • patch from David Toth: File sharing list Windows (DC) compatibility bugfix. The byte 4 of the file list is now computed.
  • Protocol violation has been removed when a DC client wants to retrieve the shared file list. In combination with the previous patch, the list of shared files can now be displayed by Direct Connect.
  • To avoid compatibility problem, if path containing shared files are absolute (starts with a slash), DCTC transparently replaces it by a ÿ (0xFF). This tips is not visible in a search result, only in shared file list.

* 2001/09/22:

  • Version 0.55
  • fix the hanging problem occuring when the client losts its terminal. Previous version hangs forever.
  • new command added: /DONE and /UNDONE. When a download ends, the file can be moved into the done/ directory or stay where it is.
  • new flags added: -t and -w. -w = /DONE. if -t is used, the program immediatly closes its input and output descriptor thus no messages are displayed on the shell and commands cannot be entered using the keyboard. This flag is mainly here to provided a „clean“ interface to GUI.
  • new flag added: -l. When -l is provided, at the very beginning, the client hangs until someone connects to its local socket (like a GUI). This flag is only here for GUI.

* 2001/09/15:

  • Version 0.54
  • fix the crash problem occuring when a program disconnect from the local socket.
  • in directory $(HOME)/.dctc, a file recent contains the list of all recently contacted hubs.
  • get_a_dc_line has been updated to avoid hanging when the network connection hangs.
  • new flag: -x. Same as /DLOFF but from the command line.
  • bug fix in the /PORT command. Changing the transfer port on the fly now works.
  • bug fix in /VARS. shared dir list is now correctly returned.
  • new command added: /LPATH. change the download directory.
  • if the transfer port is already used by someone else or cannot be used, the client tries the ports after the given one until it found one.

* 2001/09/09:

  • Version 0.53
  • some no more useful INFO messages have been changed into DEBUG messages. The client will be less verbose.
  • New command added: /LS. this command retrieves the list of the given user shared files.
  • New command added: /VARS. the command returns the value of some internal client vars.
  • Some new output messages have been added: ASTRT,ASTOP, RFRSH, BXFER, VAR. Those messages are here to simplify task managment of a GUI.
  • When starting a new client, it creates an Unix socket into $(HOME)/.dctc/running. socket name is „dctc-xxxxxxxx-yyyy“ where xxxxxxxx is the pid of the process (8 characters) and yyyy is the hub address (the one provided by -g). A file is also created with the name „dctc-xxxxxxxx-yyyy.done“. It contains the list of all done transfers.
  • Remote clients can now retrieve the list of files shared by the client. For an unknown reason, DC fails to display the file list while this client successfully displays it (who cares, only windoz users won’t see the file list).
  • To avoid unwanted termination of the client, some signals are now captured (Ctrl-C). Ctrl-C now works only after a /QUIT has been entered.
  • New command added: /ERRLOG. Same function as /LOG except only „ERR ]“ messages are logged. If both /LOG et /ERRLOG are used at the same time,“ERR ]“ messages are written in both files.
  • On download, if the client receives a $Error message, it now aborts and reports the error message. Previously, the client retries which is not very useful because the $Error message only appears when the wanted file is no more available.
  • If someone tries to download a file which is no more shared, the client now returns an error message before closing the transfer connection.
  • when the client fails to open (err)log file, it now reports the error.
  • if no data are shared, the client always returns „no more download slot“ to client who want to get your file list.

* 2001/08/24:

  • Version 0.52
  • Fix the thread creation problem. Previously, after many tries (upload/ download), due to an error, the client cannot create new threads. This case mainly appears on heavily loaded hub and/or if you let the client up for a quite a long time (more than 12 hours).
  • Simultaneous download from the same user is no more possible. In such case, 1 transfer runs and all others remain queued (in the CMDKB list).
  • In some quite rare cases, a just failed download is requeued more than one time. To avoid the problem. It is no more possible to queue more than one time the same download query.
  • Active mode search is now available.
  • New command added: /MSEARCH. Using it, you can do a multi-hub search.
  • New command added: /HUBNAME. Reprint the name of the current hub.
  • The client doesn’t crash anymore if, when it tries to reconnect to the hub, the hub doesn’t send an invalid connection string.
  • After using the /DLOFF command, when replying to a search query, the client tell all download slots are busy.

* 2001/08/18:

  • Version 0.51
  • Bug fix in download function. If the connection is closed, the thread now exits. Previously, the thread eats all CPU inside an infinite loop.
  • when a remote client queries a connection from the client, the client no more hangs until the end of connection establishment.
  • transfers no more hang forever after a network error. A timeout of 10 minutes has been added. Due to the fact that Direct Connect works with 8KByte bloc, a timeout of less than 8 minutes is not recommended else a timeout may occur if speed goes beyond 1KB/s.
  • if a download is aborted due to a network error, it is automatically restarted 30 seconds later. The download always resumes from the end of file.
  • if a download is aborted due to the lack of remote client response (ie. user has left the hub), the download is automatically retried 1 minute later.
  • New message type added: CMDKB. It is a commandline which will be sent automatically when the given time is reached.
  • New command added: /KILLKB. This command allows you to remove a queued command from the CMDKB list.
  • New commands added: /LOG and /NOLOG. Using these commands, you can save displayed messages into a log file.
  • After a hub disconnection, the client will now try to reconnect it every 5 seconds until you force the client to quit (/QUIT) or the connection can be reestablished. During this time, keyboard commands still are available.

* 2001/08/15:

  • Version 0.50
  • Initial public release
  • The most useful functions are available and work.
  • Missing functions are:
    – file browsing from local and remote host.
    – active mode search. Currently, only passive mode search is available.
    If you are in active mode, the client switched just a few moment into passive to perform the search, this doesn’t affect any running or incoming connection.
    – more accurate upload status. Currently, only the filename is reported.
    – support of operator functions. Currently, only the most useful user functions are available.