A.C.2.I. – freeware/beta products – GHX

The latest GHX 3 version (3.56.00) is here (2001/08/02).
Some new functions, several bug fixs and function enhancements, proprietary extensions of the hotline protocol, look inside the CHANGES file.
Read the online manual (ghx2 or ghx3) to know everything about protocol extensions.

I. What is GHX

GHX is a clone of a mac software (AFAIK) gathering in one program FTP, IRC and NEWS like functions using a proprietary protocol.
GHX stands for GTK Hotline for X.

II. What is not GHX

GHX is not a GTK interface for hx. GHX has been written from scratch using a packet sniffer and windoz/mac hotline to discover hotline protocol. This is quite fun to sniff a network where hundreds of computer are connected.

III. Available version

For version 98/09/01 and newer, the link refers a tar gzipped archive. If this is the first time you install GHX, you’d better download this. An installation guide is available (ghx2, ghx3). You can also find an updated list of trackers here. You should also read the online manual.

GHX will be only available for the following platform.

Linuxi386glibc2.2, gtk 1.2.10, zlib, gtk-xmhtml, gdk-pixbuf, Imlib2 (compiled on Mandrake 8.0), GNOME (tested with 1.4.0)GHX3.66.002001/08/02
glibc2.1, gtk 1.2.0, zlib, gtk-xmhtml, gdk-pixbuf, Imlib2 (compiled on Mandrake 7.1), GNOME (tested with 1.2.1)GHX3.66.002001/08/02
glibc2, gtk 1.2.0, zlib (no html support)GHX3.1599/11/12
IRIX 5.3 and aboveR4000o32 format, gtk 1.2.0 (runs on R4000 and above), zlib (no html support)GHX3.552000/03/05

GHX 3.5 and above Plugin toolkit is here (version 2000/11/12).

To new GHX User only, GHX 3.5 has a small bug. When a new user try to access to the configuration panel, GHX crashes. To solve the problem, copy this file in a directory named „.ghx“ in your home directory.

IV. older GHX versions


glibc2, gtk 1.0.1 (gtk 1.0.x version is no more supported)GHX2.4599/02/22
libc5, gtk 1.2.0, zlibLibc5 version is no more supported because GHX requires some recent librairiesGHX3.05 final99/09/02
libc5, gtk 1.0.4 (gtk 1.0.x version is no more supported)GHX2.4599/02/22
libc5, gtk 1.2.0GHX2.9599/05/29
PPCn/a, gtk 1.0.4GHX2.2099/01/17
Last version, no more port for this platform
m68kglibc2? gtk 1.0.6 (built on a redhat)GHX2.3099/01/28(beta)
Last version, no more port for this platform
Solaris 2Ultra sparcn/a, gtk 1.0.6, lib xnet requiredGHX2.4099/02/12
n/a, gtk 1.0.6, lib xnet not requiredGHX2.4099/02/12
FreeBSD 3.2i386n/a, gtk 1.2.3GHX2.9599/05/29
Last version, no more port for this platform

GHX is no more ported for:

  • Linux PPC: not enough people has bought it. If you want to have new port, you know what you must do.
  • Linux m68k: a lack of users and a dead m68k computer is enough to kill this port.

GHX is not compiled to run with development library (gtk1.1, …) but stable one. It will never compiled for such libraries.

V. Libraries

  • You can find the gtk library here. Some precompiled packages also exist for common linux distributions.
  • xmhtml is part of gnome-libs and can be found here.