VI.2 Tracker usage

Tracker window

Trackers are sites maintaining list of hotline sites. When you contact a tracker site, the site list is displayed in the tracker window. The list of available functions is listed below:

  • ??? is not for help, it does nothing, here only for development, ignore it.
  • Add to bookmark add the currently selected line to the bookmark.
  • The third button forces GHX to reload current tracker list. This is useful because tracker content dynamically changes.
  • Find site on regex run a search based on the Regex field
    content. Every site name, site address or site description matching the regular expression (regex) will be prepend by a red checkmark . GHX automatically moves to the first checkmark of the list. Each time you run a search, previous checkmarks are cleared.

On the site list, you can do the following actions:

  • 1 click (un)selects a line. Only 1 line can be selected at a time.
  • double-click runs the connexion process using the line parameters.
  • ALT key + double-click opens the Site connect window and filled
    it with the line parameters.

All double-click actions are affected by the smart bookmark function.