IV. Account Directory

This is directory (accounts) contains all site accounts including admin account.

I. Account file description (old style account only)

Each account is described by a file containing following lines. Each line must be here, if you have nothing to put in a line, leave it blank.
Line can contains any characters (0-255) but ‚\0‘, ‚\n‘ and ‚\r‘ (return).

  1. login name: this is the name used by users to enter the site. Its length can be upto 31 characters.
  2. nickname: on some account, you can force users to use a specified nickname mainly on guest account), you can define this nick here. Nickname length is limited to 31 characters.
  3. password: the password is crypted using hotline algorithm. You should not modify it. The best way to set a password is when you create an account.
  4. rights: each account has some rights, they are defined here 16 charaters [0-9a-f]). Like the password, use a client to define rights.
  5. root directory: the root directory can only be set by someone who can really log in the computer because hotline doesn’t support this
    feature (AFAIK). For each account, you can define a root directory. This line is appended at the end of site root directory and can’t contain .. .

    Example:if the site root directory is /tmp/hsx and account root directory is set to /this_user_account, the real local directory will be:

    if you let this line empty, HSX uses / has account root directory. The number of account is not limited.

Special accounts

You can create 2 special accounts:

  • guest account: if you create an account with „guest“ as login, anyone with an empty login can enter your site. Most of the time, this account
    can only use news, chat and can browse directory. If you make a fully private site, remove this account.
  • ad login account: This is a HSX feature. If someone enters a bad login or password, instead of disconnecting him, you can let him enter. Account login is „********“ (8 *). If this account exists, HSX logs invalid users with it. This feature is also a security. Some password crackers exist and they use the disconnect to detect errors (bad login/password). With „********“, they always enter and can’t make difference between real and fake login/password. If you make a fully private site, create this account with an empty directory as root directory (not an empty line).

II. New style account description

HSX supports another type of account. To create new style account, you must use GHX appropriate plugin. This new type of account provides several new
capabilities like:

  • Per file quota.
  • Per KB quota.
  • Access control list for IP using policy and netmask.
  • Banned IP management.
  • account opening hours management.