IV. Bookmarks

bookmarks window

 Bookmark keep your trackers and your hotline favorite sites directly accessibles. Each line of the bookmark starts with an icon. An open book is used for tracker and a computer screen for hotline site.

When you double-click on a line, GHX uses the parameters of this line to contact the tracker or the hotline site you choose.

A simple click select or unselect a line. when you have selected a line, you can edit it (edit button), remove it from the bookmark (black cross).

The third button force GHX to reread the bookmark file (the bookmark file stays in your home directory and is named „.bookmark.ghx“).

The smart bookmark switch is linked with the hotline site connect function. If it is disabled, GHX uses your parameters or tracker parameters (if you click on a site in the tracker window). If enable, GHX uses the site name you give and check if a matching line exists in the bookmark. In such case, GHX uses login and password extracted from the bookmark with the host address you provide(or the tracker provides). This is very useful because a lot of site has a dynamic IP but no static name (or you don’t know it) however, their name don’t change.

Up and down arrow allow you to move a bookmark in the bookmark list.

In the future, these functions may move into a plugin.